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The Frequently Asked Questions About Penoplasty Surgery

Research from specialists shows that about 45% of men are not comfortable with the size of their male organ. You will find it hard playing in bed if you are uneasy about the size of your Johnson. Your sex life will suffer if you’ve been caught up in your size and this can result to a trickle-down effect, which will destroy your relationship and love life. The good thing is that there exist surgical and non-surgical alternatives that can help restore one’s courage. You can view here to discover more about penoplasty surgery and decide if its right for you.

The aim of penoplasty is to increase the girth of the male organ. A physician will perform a male organ extension surgery to boost your length. They begin by making a triangular-shaped cut in your pubic area. The next procedure that follows is slitting the suspensory ligature. They will then reconnect it to your pubic bone a few inches underneath. This will improve the length of your non-erect male organ. Improving the girth involves shifting fat and the health expert will get fat from your sides through liposuction or your abdomen. They will then cleaned the fat before vaccinating it into the shaft of the pee-pee. The whole process is done under sedation and it takes 45 minutes to a hour and a half. If there are no complications, you will be out of the clinic within a few hours. There are other phallus cosmetic surgery procedures if you don’t want widening and lengthening. Visiting this website will help you gain more understanding of penile prosthesis and implants.

This procedure is safe, but it’s also important to understand that any surgery has perils. A lot of these complications are usually with other surgical procedures. You should follow the post-procedure care to avoid complications. You will be at peace knowing that this procedure does not affect ejaculation, fertility and sensitivity. The ligament pierced during the enhancement procedure is outside of the phallus. The process does not tamper with the internal structuring, and no erections will be harmed when the length of your male organ is being improved.

For post-surgery, your physician will give you painkillers and antibiotics. To avoid potential infections, you should be careful with your medications. It is also important you take medication that stops erection until you’ve healed well.

In a flaccid state, you should expect a 2-4 centimeter increase. Patients should be aware that penoplasty does not expand one’s erection length.

Avoid getting an erection during this time and you should desist from sex for five to six weeks.

Try out surgical procedures if you are uneasy about your size.